Friday, July 20, 2012

popup windows from standard banner clickTags

This is an old post that I never published. The banner never trafficked, either. Pop-ups from standard banners are despised and not worth trying, in my opinion.

So we did this banner...
The client wanted to run it as a standard placement, not rich, but they wanted to have it load xml for its text, so that they could change it themselves. Okay no problem... just post a crossdomain on your server to allow Doubleclick to access your xml. My xml file was pipe delimited for line breaks.
Oh one more thing: we needed to have the clickthrough open in a 450x400 px window, no address bar or scrollbars... ok? This can be done in DFA, says the media guy. Days later: no dice. Scrapped.

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  1. A lot of effort and toil gets mothballed for a host of reasons in this trade. It is a lamentable aspect of the industry. But sometimes, the work rises to the surface, floats for a mere moment and perhaps is seen by someone who says "hey, this doesn't suck so much.". --Victory!